Saturday, October 27, 2007

Aramaic Manuscript of Jose b. Matthias' Complete Works

I am interested in studying the aramaic text of Yosef ben Matthias' (a/k/a Flavius Josephus) Complete Works. If any one has any information on this text please reply.Moreover, I am interested in the unabridged hebrew translation of the Zohar titled "Zohorei Ravyah" by Eliakim Milsahagi in 1830. The Sefer haYashar (Book of the Upright) published in Calcutta, India and formerly held by the Royal Asiatic Society (from which their english translation was based) is a hebrew manuscript which I seek to view.

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sqr said...

Have you not yet found the Hebrew to Sefer HaYashar? If not, I can help you out.